I'm Trevor Hyam – a coffee obsessed artisan barista working in Cardiff. I can be found making coffee for the plan cafe, where I am Head Barista and Trainer.

You can find out much more about everything I do with coffee, and read regular updates, on my coffee blog The Bean Vagrant.com, and you can also follow me on Twitter.

In 2010, I came 4th in the UK Final of the official UK Barista Championships, after competing in a regional heat, semi-finals, and then the top 6 baristas in the UK Final, on the last day in London.

Due to this achievement, and also my work with the coffee at the plan cafe, soon afterwards the plan was reccomended in The Independent's 50 Best UK Coffee Shops, The Week magazine, and the South Wales Echo.

I use coffee that is freshly craft-roasted, from renowned UK micro roasters. These coffees are ethically traded and seasonal - the freshest speciality grade crops. They have traceability right back to the individual farms and cooperatives of exceptional quality that produce them in origin.

Simply, I just make coffee! But understanding these wonderful coffees properly, and how best to prepare them to the highest level, is truly a skilled craft that can develop and progress over many years (much as the best chefs can spend a lifetime acquiring their knowledge). I am continually striving to understand and refine the many techniques, variables and subtleties further, in an attempt to achieve an ever more delicious cup.

This is all part of a quality-focussed movement amongst baristas and the modern speciality coffee industry worldwide, that is typically exemplified by the work of artisan independent cafes and roasters. Some people call this movement 'Third Wave' coffee. This can be very different to both traditional 'Italian' espresso, and what is offered by the coffee chains.

This speciality movement emphasises the skills and techniques of professional baristas, who aim to showcase the diverse natural flavours, and the beauty, that is inherent within great coffees. The quality, traceability, and freshness of these coffees at every stage from farm to cup is a crucial aspect; there is a whole chain of quality that ideally ends in the hands of an equally skilled and dedicated barista ...and then with you!

...These factors can take coffee to the next level!